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We are an international law firm that serves companies, governments and financial institutions.

The ever-growing complexity of business transactions involving companies, family offices, and business groups originating from distinct and varied jurisdictions of our large world, render disagreements and at times, disputes inevitable. A highly competitive marketplace is also a minefield of associated risks, convoluted norms, competing priorities, and misunderstandings.

Disagreements demand mature and immediate attention to avoid a procrastinated turmoil between contracting parties. Multi faceted and prolonged judicial proceedings cost businesses valuable time and resources, ultimately risking the reputation and the future health of the business. 

Our aim is to help clients prevent and mitigate disputes. Mohammed Ali Al-Mheiri Advocates and Legal Consultations is sure of its ability to devise and implement strategic and tactical dispute mitigation and dispute resolution work. Our founders have supported the resolution of sensitive commercial disputes on multiple occasions. Our focus, even though is to find amicable solutions to legal disputes, but at the same time, we are brutally realistic in helping the clients comprehend and weigh their options when explained their legal position and transparently discuss the merits and more importantly, demerits of available recourse(s).

We excel in devising strategy which enables us to be in an advantageous position to negotiate a fair, advantageous and profitable resolution for our clients. If dispute mitigation is not achievable, we possess the required aptitude and craft to advise and represent our clients in onshore litigation through our preferred and renowned Emirati advocates, duly licensed to practice and appear before the honourable Courts of the United Arab Emirates.

Prior to coming together to form Mohammed Ali Al-Mheiri Advocates and Legal Consultations, our founders have independently dealt with claims and counter claims of substantial value. Their collective portfolio of clients includes renowned UHNW(s), HNI(s), international business groups, multinationals, publicly listed companies, state-owned entities, financial institutions, prominent real estate developers and investors, pharmaceutical giants, large family-owned businesses and globally recognized brands.


Besides other known salient features, Arbitration is also preferred and well-regarded medium of alternate dispute resolution, as it often avoids publicizing disputes and protects hard earned reputations and maintains confidentiality.

We are equipped with specialist counsels, who are reputable and experienced in their respective fields and based on their familiarity with procedures, rules and often, core nuances, culture and traditions of the case at hand and the sector it may pertain to.


Awareness on the benefits of mediating disputes as opposed to resorting to litigation and arbitration for dispute resolution is exponentially increasing. Mediation is a useful tool for early intervention, which claims to prevent relationships from breaking down and matters being escalated to litigation.

It allows the parties to have full control over how they choose to resolve their issues, as opposed to a court-imposed mandate which can also lead to a permanent breakdown in relations. Mohammed Ali Al-Mheiri Advocates and Legal Consultations’ founders are experienced with amicably resolving disputes and avoiding large, long drawn litigation and arbitration proceedings.

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