TechDesk (Technology, Media & Telecommunication)

Our Techdesk comprises of intellectual property and technology law attorneys who specialize in contentious and noncontentious intellectual property matters and have been advising clients on legal and regulatory aspects for the past two decades. Apart from representing large corporations in contentious IP and data protection matters before various courts and tribunal, our team regularly advised tech companies on legal and regulatory compliance including IP structuring, product structuring and data compliance.

Some of the multinational technology companies our team has rendered advise to, include Amazon, Audible, Inc., OLX, Microsoft, OnePlus, Samsung, Business Software, Alliance, Adobe, Autodesk, PTC, Siemens, Tekla, Dassault, Foundry, Samsung, Philip Morris, Sony Computer Entertainment, Cisco, Toshiba.

Our team actively advises clients across industries on the application and commercialization of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, AI, UAVs, extended reality, and CRISPR. More recently, we have advised the creative community on the use and monetization of their works and underlying IP including through NFT projects. Our team members regularly advise clients on the structuring their cryptocurrency/Qintech operations and products at a global level.

Representative Work

Trademarks, Copyright, Domain Names & Patents

  1. Provided advice to technology giants and represented these clients in contentious matters related to data protection, data mining, infringement, unfair competition, intermediary liability, and licensing and regulatory issues.
  2. Regularly advise tech start-ups on structuring of their IP portfolios and licensing/ownership arrangements.
  3. Advised and represented clients in the parallel imports matter.
  4. Managed domain name disputes before WIPO and at other international forums and tribunals.
  5. Advised and represented various multinational pharmaceutical companies on investigations and enforcement of their patents. Successfully advised and defended licence applications filed before international patent offices.

Technology (E-commerce Practice)

  1. Rendered advice and provided representation before courts for various e-commerce giants.
  2. Provided assistance in matters relating to incorporation, responsibilities and liabilities before various regulatory authorities.

Technology (AI Practice)

  1. Advised on use and implementation of AI enabled chatbots.
  2. Advised AI companies on product structuring keeping in mind the regulations, IP and data privacy.
  3. Advised an AI video surveillance company on global commercial arrangements for the use development of their product.
  4. Advised an AI company in the voice recognition and prosodic voice dubbing space on their fund raising and IP protection globally.
  5. Advised a global agri-tech company on responsible use of AI incorporated in their products for the benefit of farmers.

Technology (Crypto Practice)

  1. Advised on Tokenisation of products and services in Web3.
  2. Advised companies on setting up and operating of cryptocurrency exchanges.
  3. Advised on fundraising through NFTs.
  4. Advised on Qinancing through IP leverage.
  5. Advised on DeFi product structuring.
  6. Advised on integration of play-to earn games with blockchain/crypto enabled solutions.
  7. Advised on integration of social media platforms with blockchain/crypto enabled solutions.
  8. Drafted end-user License Agreements for crypto products.
  9. Provided HNI crypto holding structuring.
  10. Provided advice on IP, corporate and tax structuring of web 3.0 and crypto enabled businesses.

Media and Entertainment

  1. Advised media companies on celebrity rights management and corporate collaborations.
  2. Advised companies on negotiations with celebrities, issue of NFTs, use of digital avatars and virtual (metaverse) concerts.
  3. Advised companies on service agreements with celebrities and the legal wrapper for their digital platforms.
  4. Advised companies on performers’ rights, enforcement and management of rights, and contracts with music publishers, performers etc.
  5. Legally reviewed content for clients.
  6. Advised media companies on IP structuring and management for several NFT related projects.
  7. Provided general counsel services to several independent productions houses.
  8. Advised various independent celebrities.
  9. Advised companies on agreements with celebrities & inQluencers, marketing collaterals, etc.
  10. Advised a leading fantasy game provider on issues relating to online gaming.

Data protection and Privacy

  1. Regularly advise clients on compliances under global and Indian data protection laws
  2. Assisted clients in formulating internal and external data protection policies.
  3. Advised companies on data structuring including structuring of personal, proprietary and non-proprietary data.
  4. Advised an ed-tech companies on a data breach incident under the UK-GDPR.
  5. Advised clients on dealing with personal data on blockchain applications.
  6. Advised multinational companies on processes relating to collection and transfer of employee’s data across jurisdictions.
  7. Advised a number of e-commerce and logistic companies on processes relating to collection and transfer of personal information.
  8. Advised e-commerce companies on protection and enforcement of its proprietary data and databases.
  9. Advised clients offering AI based products (such as AI chatbots, AI surveillance, AI marketing) companies on processes relating to consent, collection and utilization of personal data.

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